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Wayne Business & Industry Center – Blog April 20, 2012

Looking for a job can be an overwhelming task.  Do I look in the newspaper want ads?  Should I do a Google search?  Thinking about all of the options can make your head spin.  And if you haven’t been in the job market in a while, you might have noticed some unfamiliar job requirements. Terms that you may see are “CRC Preferred” or “CRC Required.”  You may be thinking, I have years of experience; I am a college graduate; why do I need this certificate? I thought that too when I found out CRC was required for my job.  But now I understand why my employer asked me to earn my CRC and why so many other employers want applicants to have a CRC.

CRC stands for Career Readiness Certificate. There are three tests that measure skills that employers believe are important  for a person to be successful in the workplace.  CRC is designed to meet the needs of employers, but also you, the job seeker.  CRC offers you and  prospective employers a “snap shot” of your skills and abilities, including your ability to read and understand work-related documents,  to use math to solve work-related problems and to find and use information.  Based on your scores you may qualify for either a Bronze, Silver or Gold North Carolina CRC and the National CRC.  Now you have a truly portable, nationally-recognized credential!

Wayne Community College (WCC) offers the CRC tests, but if you are somewhere other than Wayne County, NC, then contact your local community college or technical school.  Many of these schools have opportunities like WCC, which offers test prep and skills upgrade training.  There is a fee for the test, but don’t be afraid to ask because you may qualify for grant funds or other assistance.  Searching for a job is hard enough, but take away a major obstacle — GET YOUR CRC.